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Hey John. I was talking with some other ferriers and they were shocked that I said I never made a horse bleed. I talked with Trenton and he never has either. So, thank you for teaching us correctly about the anatomy of the foot! Colt Smith 

Written 3/27/21

I spent yesterday with a man named David Hissletine. His  practice is
exclusively therapeutic. He works directly with at least 3 vets that I
know of. He is looking to retire in a short, but undetermined time. He
liked my work ethic, attitude towards the horse, and knowledge base.
He has offered to teach me the therapeutic procedures and the forge.
He has already given me forge homework. The goal is for me to
reproduce the methods of care and eventually take over for him. I
cannot begin to describe how excited I am.

I tell you all this to say how grateful I am to you. My foundation is
solid and provably so.
I will continue to represent Texas Horseshoeing School to the best of
my ability.

Thanks again and may God’s blessings, peace and wisdom be yours.



Posted 5/11/20

Posted 4/10/20

Hey john its Amanda Sundberg! I just wanna let u know THANK YOU for teaching me everything! I'm one of the most called farriers around here, I stay busy 24/7 & get calls all day.... i wanna thank you for everything!! Imma come see yall soon...




























Posted on 1/12/16

Dear John and Paula,Thank you so much for teaching and mentoring Ty through his farrier journey. Ty thinks the world of you John. You have been a great teacher and mentor for him. I know it was not easy for him to leave home and be away from his family but you were his family while he was there.  When he carefully chose his farrier school he always was impressed with your school. So professional yet personal.  Thanks again for looking after my boy.

Yours truly, Karen Livingstone



Posted on 5/15/2014

Being from Kentucky, I always wanted to be able to shoe my own horses.  I researched the different schools and found that John's school offered just what I was looking for with the training, lodging and no tools needed.  I am 51 and knew it would be a challenge (and boy was it!).  John provided great training and support.  He will schedule as many horses as you can stand to get under and adjusts the schedule based on your progress.  If you want to learn how to shoe horses (all kinds), you will not be disappointed. Almost every day in my two weeks I was under horses.  I made it home and on Sunday shod my first horse at home!  The bunk houses were great, the shoeing barn was setup well and the bus for the remote trips worked great.  He also has a store for buying supplies so you can hit the ground running when you leave.

Thanks again John. - Scott M.



Posted on 9/17/13

In two weeks, I did over thirty horses! Thank you, my friend. - Jeffrey F.

In speaking about Jeff, John Burgin said, "Jeff put shoes on five and a half horses in one day by himself! That goes down as a record at the Texas Horseshoeing School!












Posted on 3/10/13

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Thank you for providing great service and an awesome learning environment. I believe I have found my true calling by adding horseshoeing to the list of my blacksmithing skills. -James R


Posted on 10/12/12

John is by far the true expert for learning about horseshoeing or furthering your existing knowledge. John has acquired his expertise through years of experience. There are a lot of schools out there, but no school is as hands-on as John's. With John you are learning from someone with years and years of experience- not student teachers who themselves graduated just a year or two before you. John's help, mentoring, and continuing education furthered my experience and allowed me to take my business to where it is today. I give my highest recommendation to John and Texas Horseshoeing School. - Dave

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Posted on 03/03/12

I attended Texas Horseshoeing School last summer right after my college finals ended. Going from huge lecture halls with powerpoint presentations and professors that do not care if you learn or not to John s school was a breath of fresh air. John presents concepts in easy ways to understand and truly wants his students to learn. We were working on live horses the very first day we were at the school. When I was researching farrier schools, a lot of them wanted you to buy your own equipment for the duration of the school. While you are at Texas Horseshoeing School, you use John s equipment. All in all, I would recommend Texas Horseshoeing School to anyone who is seriously looking at farrier schools. - Courtney

​​Posted on 02/09/12

I chose The Texas Horseshoeing School out of about 50 schools and I was so glad that I did. It was the best decision I ever made. They have been in business for 24 years. They do everything they can to accommodate their students. When you go to this school, you start working on horses the first day and you get a lot of one-on-one attention. I would recommend this school to anyone looking into going to horseshoeing school. You will be glad you chose it! - Stuey

Posted 4/8/2012

I attended John’s school in 2010 and we had the time of our lives. I have a lot of friends who went up to Oklahoma, and had to all pack in a van, then buy their own tools.  Sure, we had some hard days but a lot of us roped and there are three arenas within 10 miles of the school and after we worked all day we would pack up and have some fun!  Mr. Burgin’s school is great because you have a lot of one on one with him but if he thinks you can handle the situation he will just let you do your thing keepin an eye on your work. After I came back home I told my buddies who went up north, and they were pissed that they went way up north and could have had just as much schooling and not have to spend all the money on tools up front. - Joe

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