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Attendance Policy

*Absence shall be charged for a full day when the student attends none of the scheduled classes on that day.  A partial day of absence shall be charged for any period of absence during or at the end of the day.  Four tardies constitute one day of absence.

*Students who accumulate absences more than 25% of total clock hours in the Two-Week Farrier Course will be terminated.

*Students who accumulate more than 10 consecutive days or more than 15% of the total clock hours in the Four-Week Farrier Course will be terminated.

*Students who accumulate more than 10 consecutive days or more than 15% of the total clock hours in the Six-Week Farrier Course will be terminated.

*Students whose enrollments are terminated for violation of the attendance policy may not reenter before the start of the next grading period.


Leave of Absence

Leave of absence shall not exceed the lesser of 30 school days or 60 calendar days.  A student shall be granted only one leave of absence per 12 month period.  If the student fails to return from leave, the student will be automatically terminated, and a refund shall be totally consummated within 60 days.   


Grading Policy

Written examinations and assignments will be given each week.  Grades will be recorded in each student's file and available for student's inspection. *Grades will be given at the end of the student's respective course.


Grades are as follows:   

A  =   Excellent (90-100)

B  =   Good  (80-89)

C  =   Average  (70-79)                                                            

D  =   Passing  (60-69)

F   =  Failing  (Below 59)                                                       


The Texas Education Code, Section 132.061 (f) states that a student who is obligated for the full tuition may request a grade of “incomplete” if the student withdraws for an appropriate reason unrelated to the student's academic status.  This policy allows a student receiving a grade of incomplete to re-enroll in the program during the 12 month period following the date the student withdraws and complete those incomplete subjects without payment of additional tuition. (Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, (Section 807.241-245).


Grades will be evaluated at the end of each week.  If a student's overall achievement falls below the passing level, he/she will be put on probation with a developmental plan to improve any deficiencies.  Students not obtaining passing grades by the end of their course will not receive a certificate of completion.  Under Title 40 Texas Administrative Code, Section 807.241-245, student's terminated for unsatisfactory progress cannot be readmitted until a minimum of one grading period has passed.



Student's grades falling below the 60 percentile in the mid-point of their course will be put on probation and re-mediated.



A student will be considered to be progressing satisfactorily by being able to complete the tasks assigned to him by the director in a timely, efficient manner, and by showing continued improvement as the class progresses.  Student's are expected to demonstrate knowledge in anatomy (which will be covered in the class room), people skill, business skill, forging skill (which will be taught in lab) and foot skill.  Student's will be evaluated on how well they deal with the horses, how well they deal with the customer, and how well they are applying the skills in the field that are being taught to them. Students progress will be evaluated on a weekly basis. Students will be evaluated individually and will be instructed as to what areas in which improvement may be necessary. At that time, an appropriate solution will be discussed. A student's progress in the school is directly related to how well a student will do when they become a farrier on their own.  

Graduation Requirements-Certificates

Students graduating must meet the minimum academic requirements and be in compliance with the minimum attendance requirements. Students graduating will receive a certificate of completion.

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