Course Offerings

Course Selection

Prospective students are encouraged to read carefully the three different course descriptions.  These different courses are provided in an effort to accommodate varying degrees of experience and different educational needs. Course selections should best fit the needs of each individual.


It is recommended that each student call for a personal consultation to aid in the selection of course length.  All students will benefit from the most experience and education that can possibly be attained.


This course was developed for the qualified applicant who is limited in time or money. A good background in horses is essential in order for this course to be practical.
In this course, students will apply ready-made and handmade shoes. Students will learn basic corrective shoeing procedures. Comparative anatomy and physiology is learned by dissection of the horse’s lower limb. $1800.00

This course is more comprehensive course. It allows the student to deal with more corrective and pathological conditions in horses. The moderate length of the course was developed for the student suited for this time allotment and / or tuition amount. Twice the theory will be covered and there will be numerous learning experiences. $2760.00


This course is the complete course. Suring the last two weeks of this comprehensive training, students are challenged in assigned horses that have special needs. Emphasis will be placed in diagnosing problems and prescibing shoes. Graduates of this course are qualified to step into the entry level of their new vocation with confidence. $3600.00



*Registration/Deposit is $100 which will be deducted from the cost of tuition and should be submitted with application. *There is no book fee. Books are available for purchase for $160.

*Everything is included in the tuition except food.  While in school, tools are provided.  If you choose to purchase your own tools, tools are available to be purchased.